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Tips for safe operation and maintenance of micro - tillage machines browse: 2007 update:2017/8/2 12:37:40
It is a miniature arable land which has the functions of dry land, tillage, transportation and threshing, which are small and flexible, simple structure, advanced power index, easy maintenance and other characteristics. It is a miniature agricultural machinery which is suitable for mountainous farming and suitable for mountainous area. A greater role in promoting the agricultural production, farmers income, but in safe operation and maintenance should pay attention to the following matters:
    First, before the use of the operation, we must first read the instructions, in strict accordance with the requirements of the instructions for running and maintenance, followed by the operation must be trained to operate.
    Second, before the operation check the machine fastening fastening fasteners, remember to tighten the bolts (including the travel box part, pressure box part, the engine support connection part, the engine muffler, air filter, etc.).
    Third, the head, the body placed in a horizontal position to check whether the addition of oil, gear oil, can not be more, can not be less; check for oil (oil, diesel, gear oil) phenomenon before use. At the same time remember that the fuel tank can not add gasoline, you must add 0 # diesel.
    Fourth, before use should be in the bottom of the air filter plus 1cc oil, at the same time pay attention to drink not allowed to operate micro-farming machine, the new machine is not allowed to heavy load operations, field transfer should change tires, especially on the slope should prevent micro- Wounding.
    5, start, be sure to confirm whether left and right before and after the security can start, so as not to hurt. Winter engine is not good start, the pot boiling water pouring oil nozzle or to the combustion chamber Note 0.5--1CC oil, you can start normally.
    6, the process of operation, the middle of substitutions, and people to talk, remove the weed wound knife, do not pay close in the case of gear clutch, be sure to confirm the machine in the neutral when the machine is not forward or flameout.
    7, micro-farming machine in the installation of the knife when not in the cement road, slate walking, in the operation should try to avoid collision with large stones and other hard objects, so as not to damage the blade. Found the engine or walking box, pressure box after the abnormal response to stop inspection, troubleshooting to work before.
    8, the operator in the operation if the back to the edge of less than 1 meter, prohibit the use of reverse gear.
    Nine, the new engine in the normal work of 20 acres of land, you must heat machine replacement oil and gear oil, otherwise the cold machine can not drain the body of the residual oil; 80-100 acres after the replacement of the second; continuous operation after 3-5 days Cleaning air filter device, 400-700 acres after the oil pump, oil pressure check, check the valve clearance adjustment, if necessary, replace the piston ring, valve and connecting rod tile.
    10, after the quarterly operation is completed, should pay attention to remove the micro-tillage machine on the soil, weeds, oil and other attachments, while checking the fastening of the fastener bolts, and find a thin film or other things covered, to prevent the sun, rain Rusty.

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