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NAME:  Ditching machine   

Product basic parameters

Power: gasoline 9 horsepower; diesel oil 178F, diesel 186F
Transmission: belt tensioner, gear type gearbox
Start mode: Manual
Handle: 360 degree rotation (16 positioning)
Hand up and down positioning: 6 positioning
Stalls: slow file, reverse file
Forward speed: 4 .5/9. 8km / h (fast file)
Ditching depth: 5-40CM (depth and ease)
Ditch width of 20-100CM Weight: 95,105,108,125 thousand

Ditching machine vegetable garden ditch grazing machine multi - purpose pastoral management machine trencher parameters

1, trenching effect: depth of up to 25 cm, width 35 cm, according to your width requirements of the configuration tool.
2, multi-function: more than 20 kinds of features set one, _ machine multi-purpose, do not repeat the purchase, save money.
3, durable: fuselage thickening, the tool is 75 steel forging, very wear and durable, save money.
4, fuel-efficient: the cost per acre in 5-7 dollars, really save money.
5, fast: 1 hour to operate 1-1. 5 acres of land, cultivate the top of more than 16 people at the same time work, save money and effort?
6, high temperature: can work for a long time, save time.
7, security: machine structure design is reasonable, all thickening of the fuselage steel, the use of very safe, worry.
8, horsepower: 9 horsepower engine, high-speed work time-saving.
9, easy to operate: flexible handle can be adjusted up and down height, and 360 degree rotation, suitable for operation in any direction, effort.
10, small and flexible: machine width *** small is 50 cm, 90 cm high, 1.4 meters long, weighing 80-100 kg, very small and flexible, easy.
11, applicability: for a variety of mountains, hills, plains, dry fields, paddy fields, greenhouses, orchards, and narrow operations, peace of mind.
12, suitable for all kinds of soil: hard soil, clay, black land, mountain, soft soil can be used, rest assured

1, it is strictly forbidden to remove the protective cover
2, boot, is strictly prohibited on the rake teeth on the baffle
3, is strictly prohibited foot throttle work and high speed
4, before starting, please carefully check the engine oil, fuel tank, boot work, the appropriate control throttle.
5, when the machine, please put the gear to neutral (0 block)
6, after running, please replace the engine oil switch and clean the oil pan!
Multi-functional pastoral management machine can achieve large-scale machinery can not enter the small pieces of land, greenhouses, tea, hills, mountains and other terrain and soil to operate. The machine itself does not leave dead ends, the body light and flexible, handle can be rotated 360 degrees, simple operation, all ages. Ditching pots, especially green onions, ginger, potatoes, tobacco, sugar cane, grapes and other cash crops crops such as ditching and other operations, efficient and efficient, easy to use。

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